Thursday, November 5, 2009

Star Babies

Both 2010 and Divine Invasion have a lot in common.... The main premise of Divine is that God has been run off the planet and must be smuggled back into the theological and technological hodge podge of the future. The savior then is basically the Star Child of the Authur C Clarke's saga. Actually in close analyzes Divine is a replay of VALIS..... Same story just a little warped. The long short of it however is that God and Belial(bad guy) don't fight over creation by swords and such, but by our perception. God gives us the perception of a harsh reality(the Matrix), but also the more joyful out look. Belial makes everything look useless... Depressing.... Not as cool as we wanted it to be, in other words disappointing. Personally I think this is an important key... Our perception determines reality, if we think it's meaningful.... It is, if not.... Then it is not. Each of us have a Personal Belial, in the book it is in the form of a Goat, that must be slain. The Goat symbolizes the Scape Goat that must be sacrificed in the name of Yah(God) like in old school Hebrew times. Men Who Stare at Goats probably will show some light on this analogy. The main Character in Divine(a mirror image of Philip K Dick himself) has his Goat killed by a singer that Yah is trying to set him up with, as to give him Joy. The Singer's name is Linda Fox.... Literally we can draw a line between her and the star in 2010. Fox being associated highly in the syncsphere with the dog star as it is said to pass through the sky like a scurrying fox. Dog=Wolf=Fox. George Clooney again is peaking his head in there close if you look at the movie The Fantastic Mr Fox.... Back to back to the Goat movie. George Clooney=GC or Galactic Center if you really want to get crazy. Also Linda, the first name to the Star Singer, is a derivative of Lucinda or Lucy and lines up again with the second sun of 2010.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009


A study in Tarot Cards and Jim Carrey movie posters.... The original mention of such was in a post called The Hounds of Hermes....

This was covered over at the Whole by Ishmael...

Aferrismoon also has a little craziness to add.

Live at the Logoshpere has shit on this as well...

Lets do the Time Warp Part 1- Aquarian Election Transmission from Kephera on Vimeo.

This was also discussed at length over at Sounds Of Sherwood...

With me and Kevin Halcott...

A Conspiracy of All Things.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rama Appears From the Skys

Courtesy of Jon Kidd.... Thanks homie. From the movie Earth Girls Are Easy... Read the posts For the Dead or Dying Pt 1 and Pt 2 for a broaden significance of the Alien Ship(yellow submarine) and the Palm shaped raft. I also used that movie for it's use of eggs long ago. See Alien Ego which went to the post That's Eggzactly What I Said! In truth the movie is loaded... Sycro 5 Stars and comes highly recommended by yours truly.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Robin Robot

This here comes from a stretch of collage insanity my friend Jon "LiTTle" Kidd went through. Really it is worth just letting you eyes flow over it.... It tells a story.... I suspect that others would find it interesting to say out loud what they think it means.... But, the thing that I love is that Kidd would already know that the translation was endless. Smooth... Thanks.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tin Man Mercury Man

Blue on the his Right Hand Red on his Left Ascending the spiral staircase Shattering the Glass like EgoSunglasses are discussed at Plant Konsciousness and My Bloody Sunglasses they mark the shiny Tin/Mercury man as a god from the future... "I wear my sunglasses at night." More breaking glassBoth a mechanical Tin Man and a Man of Mercury... Reflection is an interesting interpretation here as well, think Silver Surfer

All picture are from T2 discussed here and provided by The Blob's Jake Kotze....

2/3 = 0.666I remember reading over at The Freeman Perspective blog that:F = 6th letter of alphabetO = 15th letter = 6X = 24th letter = 6FOX = 666FOX = 666 (0.666) = 2/3 = RobinIn The X-Files the FOX Mulder is replaced by John DOGgett. I like how the Fox/Doggett makes an appearance in your new sidebar via the mercurial T-1000. As Jaspal pointed out, the horned symbol of Mercury has a lot in common with Lucky Lucy.Look at Transformers and you find the stunning Megan FOX getting jiggy with Shia, who played the role of MUTT in the latest Indiana Jones movie. The Fox & the Hound seem to be perfect partners.- Comment from Richard Arrowsmith off of Will The Real Life Lucifer Please Stand Up that pertains to this group of pictures.

I Am Ego

No I am not into self love, but I post this picture for historical value. The crazy thing is I was very unaware at all the little subtle symbols in this picture as eye used as it as an avatar for sometime. It became the subject of many an AHA momment that were quite humbling.... I used the Aztec Calender for a halo, the eagle is the ego, 77 is LL is Oz because hebrew O is 70 Z is 7 Oz=77, and the English Coat of Arms is a very light grey behind that. Discussed here.

The Syncing Sandler

Again Shout out to Arrowsmith.... I discuss the significance of these posters over at the Sync Whole post entitled ZOhan over the RAINBOW (Rinsed, Dyed, Cut & Permed and finished off with a Nice Red RiBBon).
Also in that post Mr. Deed's another Adam Sandler movie is mentioned.... In the movie the number 23 is thrown around like it was nothing. Adam has one line saying that he wanted to be a fire man when he grew up... And inDEED he becomes one in Chuck and Larry... Fire house 223.

Assagioli's Egg

This is a comment left by Winston on Caught Red Handed.... I feel it appropriate because it's dead on for where I got this picture from which was Roberto Assagioli. It seems that many phycologist understand that the tree of life is mainly a phycological idea, and it has helped me understand my own relation to this concept. I find it great that I had this little sync with Winston although on a personal note I ripped the page that this picture was on while taking it off the scanner... Two days latter I got extremly sick as if ripping it was a sign of approaching ego cracking....

the image of the collective unconsciousness mapped to the tree of life stuck in my mind since i first saw it last week. well lo-n-b-hold, yesterday someone sent me some info from roberto assagioli, father of psychosynthesis, (i hadnt heard of him before then) sure enough he is the guy who came up with the collective consciousness image you used. thanks for the cues! -Winston(Caught Red Handed)
Also Props to Richard Arrowsmith for helping me out with a banner on this one... My computer is fried and would appreciate any help those who can help would give.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Love Syncs

Ryan Reynolds(RR) is an individual that I have been seeing more and more shit spiral around.. There are other aura type images floating around his head in Definitely, Maybe(2008) than this one however as you'll notice in the images below there was a steady build up with the blinking street sign in the background. This happens at the climax of the movie just when the story is being resolved... And the anticipation of that street sign literally had me on the edge of my seat... I knew exactly what was about to happen, I just could believe it actually did. ...Stay on target...Blinky blinky.
And we have pineal contact.... James Marsden was also seen in my movie Isis Incognito.... He played Cyclops in X-men and I have a pretty good fit for the single eye corralating to the top of the tree of life which is called the crown.... This movie had another build up like the Ryan Reynolds above during this scene and I've also noticed that weird back ground shit happens in groups... It seems that when a scene is important it is unmistakenly so.... As seen below.Directly after the crown the camera switches to this veiw a star sync kisses our little cyclopean king. This was 27 Dresses(2007 I think) that also was featured here... Wedding Weirdness.... from old Kotze archives.James Marsden also played in the movie Enchanted(2008) that featured he and Amy Smart here falling from the Cartoon Realm of the Unreal into the OZ of New York. She goes into the subway on 42nd street..... 42 is one of those sacred magic numbers like 23 or 77.... That keep popping up. It was first brought to my attention by Jake Kotze and Jim Sanders who tell us that it is almost a dead ringer for the symbol of Jupiter and Tin in Alchemical Symbolism. It also was the meaning of life given by the computer built to answer that question in the Movie Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.She comes out of the subway sync kissing circle M and circle Z.... On the corner of double M and OZ on other words. More enchanted below.
From The JFK Stargate Mega Ritual.... From Kotze.... See the Hermes on the back wall, there really is no reason. Also check out Following Hugh Jackman Through the Atlantean Stargate.

Now on to Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker(who's web keeps getting weirder) is seen inside of the ego egg. I became interested in what this movie might have in it when I saw the picture below one day as a header over at The Blob.
This picture really does speak a thousand words... We have the checker board freemason tracing board polarity thing. Keeping in mind that all brides are Isis then it's no surprise that she is flanked by Jaquin and Boaz topped with Plant Konciousness. The curtain resonants floWer power and the plant in the corner looks a little too much like a DNA strand for me.
I noticed that there were a group of pineal targets in the movie as well... The first one I noticed was the necklace above.
Wait for it.
On her door there are two targets as well.

Then a little pineal Hal 9000 action in a spirit palm format.... These pictures in the archive are a product of my little film side bar at my big blog.... This is a hard arcana site so I don't really do a ton of explanation.... If you have any questions or hate comments saying I have too much time on my hands. Feel free to indulge in the comments.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The 23 Gallery

Adam Sandler2002 Mr Deeds Number 23.... Halo (always look for a Halo around here). DNA double helix and isn't a Pizza Hut right out side of the Sphinx.... Pizza sync's alot think MIB2 and all the weirdness there.... Like a joke about syncromystism in a way.... We call this the cosmic giggle consciousness making fun of itself. dEEds'.
Christian Bale The Prestige 2006 Richard Arrowsmith has more on Bale and 23 in Raw Eggs.
Dr SuRResh and Sylar at room 23.... When they talk it dances between their heads.
Dumb and Dumber.... Made in 1994(which equals 23[1+9+9+4=23]) Double 77's as well..... More on that latter. More 23 and Jim Carrey in this video.

Paul is Dead - The Beatles Occult - The Sun and Saturn and 23 from youtuber Georgekush with his bad ass Beatle work.The Rock 23 in Get Smart 2008 more weirdness in this Willner vid.

If your here slow down and watch.... Notice anything you missed the first time?
Tom Hanks with Circle R hat and Libra Scale on chest....Helps 23 Kit KeLLer into the showers Kit KeLLer(KK) is Geena Davis' sister in 1992s A League of Their Own

A Tin Man's Grievances

Heart in General Grievous Episode 3. Obvious Tin Man although problably unintentional. Part Man and Machine; Prototype for Darth Vader.
Blasters are random and clumsy. Gunslinger takes aim.Fire in Spirit ignites in the heart.... In the middle of the chest.
Further....I'm not saying that Grievous is Christ. I showing the relationship between the Tin Man... The Heart and the relationship between The Spirit Fire and the Heart. This will problably end up being linked to the post Heart of the Matter.

Reservoir Dog Puppet

This one actually was used in a post called I Love Lucy I think.... I'll link it sooner or latter... But it's from Ratattouie..... The Rat is often called a Reservoir Dog as pointed out by Richard Arrowsmith, making this a man being made a puppet by a dog to crack the EGO.... Very potent. I got more coming on this movie that I'll link here when time promitts. Thanks to the Accidental Alchemist for doing the Photoshop for this while mine was down.