Thursday, November 5, 2009

Star Babies

Both 2010 and Divine Invasion have a lot in common.... The main premise of Divine is that God has been run off the planet and must be smuggled back into the theological and technological hodge podge of the future. The savior then is basically the Star Child of the Authur C Clarke's saga. Actually in close analyzes Divine is a replay of VALIS..... Same story just a little warped. The long short of it however is that God and Belial(bad guy) don't fight over creation by swords and such, but by our perception. God gives us the perception of a harsh reality(the Matrix), but also the more joyful out look. Belial makes everything look useless... Depressing.... Not as cool as we wanted it to be, in other words disappointing. Personally I think this is an important key... Our perception determines reality, if we think it's meaningful.... It is, if not.... Then it is not. Each of us have a Personal Belial, in the book it is in the form of a Goat, that must be slain. The Goat symbolizes the Scape Goat that must be sacrificed in the name of Yah(God) like in old school Hebrew times. Men Who Stare at Goats probably will show some light on this analogy. The main Character in Divine(a mirror image of Philip K Dick himself) has his Goat killed by a singer that Yah is trying to set him up with, as to give him Joy. The Singer's name is Linda Fox.... Literally we can draw a line between her and the star in 2010. Fox being associated highly in the syncsphere with the dog star as it is said to pass through the sky like a scurrying fox. Dog=Wolf=Fox. George Clooney again is peaking his head in there close if you look at the movie The Fantastic Mr Fox.... Back to back to the Goat movie. George Clooney=GC or Galactic Center if you really want to get crazy. Also Linda, the first name to the Star Singer, is a derivative of Lucinda or Lucy and lines up again with the second sun of 2010.