Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's in Our DNA

Top picture is Gwynwth Paltrow from Iron Man.... She is surrounded by chains, a symbol that I am associating more and more with DNA. Below the movie poster (that I included due to the quality of the picture) is Ellen Page from the meet and greet scene in Juno. Lots of weird stuff in the back ground of that scene, this picture has a DNA shaped light thingy. To the right of that is Charlize Theron from Hancock, a scene (celebrating at the restaurant) that also included Kevin Bateman like the Juno scene (checkout her earrings). Diagonal to the left is Zach Braff.... From Garden State (Eden) which Zach wrote directed and stared in. He's is standing next to a spiral stair case another symbol of the Axis Mundi or the DNA strand. To the right of that and unpertaining to DNA is Keanu Reeves and Wynona Rider from Scanner Darkly.... Notice the halo shaped miRRor behind his head.

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R Arrowsmith said...

Great idea about the chain/DNA connection. I've been on the lookout for DNA syncs (spiral staircases and the like) but never associated the chain with the DNA strand for some reason.
The fact that you've got (PP) Pepper Pots, Iron Mans assistant, connected to the Chain is perfect considering she also played the role of (PP) Polly Perkins in Sky Captain. Both movies connect with the Tin Man theme.
I also noticed on your other blog that you mentioned Nic Cages new movie 'Knowing' (which features the Black Sun in the title). Cage has been appearing often on my radar lately. The fact that his weapon of choice is a Chain (DNA) in the Ghost Rider movie peeks my interest in him once again.
Two actors I've been looking into lately are Keanu Reeves (bass guitarist for the band 'Dog Star') and Morgan Freeman. It's funny that they both starred together in the movie 'Chain Reaction'.
Thanks for the inspiration!