Tuesday, October 5, 2010


One day while driving home I saw a yellow ribbon on the back of car tilted side ways to look like a christian fish. The connotation of the ribbon in relationship to DNA jumped up in my head. A few minutes, and I mean literally minutes, later I was home reading VALIS by Philip K Dick. K Dick calls the christian fish a symbol of DNA if looked at closely enough. Dick expressed a theory saying it was a cue to release our genetic memory having something to do with the Early Christians true view on defeating death taught by Jesus.

The Christian Fish, DNA, and Ribbon where put together by Jake Kotze on his twitter account @seallion. I came around one day on IMP Movie Poster Awards to find Eclipse and the movie Splice put side by side. I quickly saw that the words have the same letters in them and came out at around the same time box office wise. The Eclipse was used a lot in the series Heroes as it effected their DNA. And the book cover for Eclipse shows a ribbon being Spliced. Splice the movie actually showing a DNA strand for the I in the poster.

Sync wise Richard Arrowsmith found the Splice and Eclipse anagram just before I did.

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