Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Robin Hooding The Arrow

A header for the Whole in case anyone's interested. The tag was something like "Hitting The Mark"... I think. Hitting The Mark is a phrase that could mean anything from not sinning, seeing that some refer to sin in that manner, to hitting the proverbial target... Pertaining to sync perhaps.

The Whole has a long history of Robin Hood sync and is a analogy I think a lot of us are happy with. Having little play code names and everything may seem quite nerdy, and rightfully so, however I think that spawns from our willingness to make fools of ourselves and have fun.

Kevin Costner amittedly would of had some Archery skill, I imagine, post Robin Hood. I have to consider the fact that the scene next to Robin Hood above from 3000 Miles to Graceland was not a very long scene at all... So it would seem that it was not added to the script for the sake of Costner. I also like the fact that fire is invoked in both pictures... With the help of the cigarette of course.
I was having syncs. Like most do who find themselves reading this, where all of a sudden you'll notice a peculiar pattern emerge in the environment around you. I then was having Zero syncs. Everywhere I looked I saw, for whatever reason, numbers with a lot of Zero's behind them. 300, Andre 3000. It spanned over multiple digits, not just 3 and 0's, but the point is that during that time I see this movie and notice a whole bunch of weird things in the poster. Kevin Costner dressed as Elvis with a halo around his head from the lighting arrangement. And he has a scorpion belt on. The scorpion could symbolize anything from the constellation Scorpio to Judas, betrayer of Jesus.... Lets just say it's powerful. Add Kurt Russell to the mix and your gonna have a little sync party. I wrote about this movie and the strange fact that both Kevin Costner and Kurt played Wyatt Earp in my post For the Dead or Dying pt 2.

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Tor Hershman said...

Oh man, you still can not beat the Robin Hood with Richard Greene.
Heck, they were written by Hollywood Commies that fled to England.
Methinks many are @ YouTube.

Stay on groovin' safari,