Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The 23 Gallery

Adam Sandler2002 Mr Deeds Number 23.... Halo (always look for a Halo around here). DNA double helix and isn't a Pizza Hut right out side of the Sphinx.... Pizza sync's alot think MIB2 and all the weirdness there.... Like a joke about syncromystism in a way.... We call this the cosmic giggle consciousness making fun of itself. dEEds'.
Christian Bale The Prestige 2006 Richard Arrowsmith has more on Bale and 23 in Raw Eggs.
Dr SuRResh and Sylar at room 23.... When they talk it dances between their heads.
Dumb and Dumber.... Made in 1994(which equals 23[1+9+9+4=23]) Double 77's as well..... More on that latter. More 23 and Jim Carrey in this video.

Paul is Dead - The Beatles Occult - The Sun and Saturn and 23 from youtuber Georgekush with his bad ass Beatle work.The Rock 23 in Get Smart 2008 more weirdness in this Willner vid.

If your here slow down and watch.... Notice anything you missed the first time?
Tom Hanks with Circle R hat and Libra Scale on chest....Helps 23 Kit KeLLer into the showers Kit KeLLer(KK) is Geena Davis' sister in 1992s A League of Their Own


Leon Basin said...

Interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

Arrowsmith said...

Thanks for fleshing out these 23 syncs. Loved the SuRResh connection with the number 22 (11+11) and 23.