Monday, April 20, 2009

Love Syncs

Ryan Reynolds(RR) is an individual that I have been seeing more and more shit spiral around.. There are other aura type images floating around his head in Definitely, Maybe(2008) than this one however as you'll notice in the images below there was a steady build up with the blinking street sign in the background. This happens at the climax of the movie just when the story is being resolved... And the anticipation of that street sign literally had me on the edge of my seat... I knew exactly what was about to happen, I just could believe it actually did. ...Stay on target...Blinky blinky.
And we have pineal contact.... James Marsden was also seen in my movie Isis Incognito.... He played Cyclops in X-men and I have a pretty good fit for the single eye corralating to the top of the tree of life which is called the crown.... This movie had another build up like the Ryan Reynolds above during this scene and I've also noticed that weird back ground shit happens in groups... It seems that when a scene is important it is unmistakenly so.... As seen below.Directly after the crown the camera switches to this veiw a star sync kisses our little cyclopean king. This was 27 Dresses(2007 I think) that also was featured here... Wedding Weirdness.... from old Kotze archives.James Marsden also played in the movie Enchanted(2008) that featured he and Amy Smart here falling from the Cartoon Realm of the Unreal into the OZ of New York. She goes into the subway on 42nd street..... 42 is one of those sacred magic numbers like 23 or 77.... That keep popping up. It was first brought to my attention by Jake Kotze and Jim Sanders who tell us that it is almost a dead ringer for the symbol of Jupiter and Tin in Alchemical Symbolism. It also was the meaning of life given by the computer built to answer that question in the Movie Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.She comes out of the subway sync kissing circle M and circle Z.... On the corner of double M and OZ on other words. More enchanted below.
From The JFK Stargate Mega Ritual.... From Kotze.... See the Hermes on the back wall, there really is no reason. Also check out Following Hugh Jackman Through the Atlantean Stargate.

Now on to Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker(who's web keeps getting weirder) is seen inside of the ego egg. I became interested in what this movie might have in it when I saw the picture below one day as a header over at The Blob.
This picture really does speak a thousand words... We have the checker board freemason tracing board polarity thing. Keeping in mind that all brides are Isis then it's no surprise that she is flanked by Jaquin and Boaz topped with Plant Konciousness. The curtain resonants floWer power and the plant in the corner looks a little too much like a DNA strand for me.
I noticed that there were a group of pineal targets in the movie as well... The first one I noticed was the necklace above.
Wait for it.
On her door there are two targets as well.

Then a little pineal Hal 9000 action in a spirit palm format.... These pictures in the archive are a product of my little film side bar at my big blog.... This is a hard arcana site so I don't really do a ton of explanation.... If you have any questions or hate comments saying I have too much time on my hands. Feel free to indulge in the comments.


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