Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Assagioli's Egg

This is a comment left by Winston on Caught Red Handed.... I feel it appropriate because it's dead on for where I got this picture from which was Roberto Assagioli. It seems that many phycologist understand that the tree of life is mainly a phycological idea, and it has helped me understand my own relation to this concept. I find it great that I had this little sync with Winston although on a personal note I ripped the page that this picture was on while taking it off the scanner... Two days latter I got extremly sick as if ripping it was a sign of approaching ego cracking....

the image of the collective unconsciousness mapped to the tree of life stuck in my mind since i first saw it last week. well lo-n-b-hold, yesterday someone sent me some info from roberto assagioli, father of psychosynthesis, (i hadnt heard of him before then) sure enough he is the guy who came up with the collective consciousness image you used. thanks for the cues! -Winston(Caught Red Handed)
Also Props to Richard Arrowsmith for helping me out with a banner on this one... My computer is fried and would appreciate any help those who can help would give.

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