Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tin Man Mercury Man

Blue on the his Right Hand Red on his Left Ascending the spiral staircase Shattering the Glass like EgoSunglasses are discussed at Plant Konsciousness and My Bloody Sunglasses they mark the shiny Tin/Mercury man as a god from the future... "I wear my sunglasses at night." More breaking glassBoth a mechanical Tin Man and a Man of Mercury... Reflection is an interesting interpretation here as well, think Silver Surfer

All picture are from T2 discussed here and provided by The Blob's Jake Kotze....

2/3 = 0.666I remember reading over at The Freeman Perspective blog that:F = 6th letter of alphabetO = 15th letter = 6X = 24th letter = 6FOX = 666FOX = 666 (0.666) = 2/3 = RobinIn The X-Files the FOX Mulder is replaced by John DOGgett. I like how the Fox/Doggett makes an appearance in your new sidebar via the mercurial T-1000. As Jaspal pointed out, the horned symbol of Mercury has a lot in common with Lucky Lucy.Look at Transformers and you find the stunning Megan FOX getting jiggy with Shia, who played the role of MUTT in the latest Indiana Jones movie. The Fox & the Hound seem to be perfect partners.- Comment from Richard Arrowsmith off of Will The Real Life Lucifer Please Stand Up that pertains to this group of pictures.

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