Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Bloody Sunglasses

Top right is a preview to My Bloody Valentine 3D with all the theatre goers sporting their 3D sunglasses. I view the sunglasses as a mask of the superhero but it also suits just plain being "other" or "cool" (which are synonymous anyway). HaRRy PoTTer is in the middle and above middle with 3D glasses because of something Adam Star said that I really admired. On the cover of the first book Harry has one blue lens and one red. In the new HaRRy we see the movie poster with Dumbledore in 3D reflected in HaRRy's spectacles. The movie will not be in 3D... Just interesting. Even with his glasses on the left is Scooby Doo's Sunglasses in the shape of Stars noting the Sirius Binary Star System highlighted in Black Dog Star by my homie Richard Arrowsmith. Then the word US is highlighted in the Sirius Radio Network logo. Also with a star for an eye. Marilyn Manson's(MM) Album Heart shaped Sunglasses is then shown because the Heart paired with the Glasses is important as is the connotation of love and darkness hinted in Marilyn Manson's name. Below that and to the left is a picture of Manson there is attention to his Talking Tree tattoo that resonates plant konciousness as well as OZ. Next to that is a picture from The Valentine Day Massacre..... This was inspired by all the love and Valentine's Day/Bloody sync's that were popping up at the time which was Valentines Day 2009... Next to that we ride out with the word OZ seen by flipping the N's in the word stONe from the first book of Potter, then in Marilyn MansON's name, and also in ONce again in the HP6 poster. Harry's name also has 2 R's in it.

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Jon Kidd said...

Nice double post!...jerk!